Method Objects

Method Objects

Method Object is a specially designated private object to hold single method implementation

It reduces crowding of the host type with implementation details

package MyPackage{

  class MyClass {

    def search(request: String): String =, request)


  package Z {

    package MyClass {

      private[MyPackage] object search {

        def apply(mc: MyClass, request: String): String = {
          // Method Implementation

Method object must be located in private package 'Z.MyClass' and its name must match the name of the method. This rule is important in order to produce readable stack traces

Exception in thread "main" Fail$ToDo
    at Test$.delayedEndpoint$Test$1(Test.scala:3)
    at Test$delayedInit$body.apply(Test.scala:1)
    at scalqa.App._Class.main(_Class.scala:16)
    at Test.main(Test.scala)

Note. In Scalqa Method Objects occasionally hold several methods if their names start similarly. The main rule is to make readable stack traces