Single LIne Methods

Most methods in Scalqa are written as a single line of code

This allows to understand the entire program unit in a glance, because method signatures are not obstructed by implementations

For example, here is definition of Year

class Year private[scalqa] (protected val real: Int) extends AnyVal with Int.Data.Sequential[Year] {
  protected def setup = Year

  def number: Int = real

  def start: Time = Month.make(real, 1).start

  def period = Time.Period.make(start, next.start)

  def isLeap = java.time.Year.isLeap(real)

  def months: Idx[Month] = new Idx[Month] { def size = 12; def apply(i: Int) = Month.make(number, i + 1) }

  def days: Idx[Day] = new Idx[Day] { val from = Day.make(number, 1, 1); val size = if (isLeap) 366 else 365; def apply(i: Int) = from + i }

  override def toString = real.toString

This is unconventional and will surely bring criticism, but this is enabling technology for Scalqa project. Thanks to SLIM and H2O virtually all program units fit on a single screen (with no scrolling), facilitating different kind of non-linear thinking about program development