Type Library

Type library extends a package type with methods, which are virtually attached and can be called directly on every instance of the type

12.allUp  // Creates a Stream of Ints from 12 to Max

// 'allUp' is not an Int method, but available thanks to Custom.Int._library

Note. This feature is widely spread in Scala, Scalqa just formalizes its usage

Type library must be defined under the name '_library'


scalqa.Idx has just 3 core methods, but there is another 20 methods available to developers through the library

There are 2 advantages:

  • Idx can be implemented by application classes and this will not clog their name space
  • Library can afford to have much more methods, than the host type could ever justify to hold directly

Here are code fragments of how Idx library is defined

package scalqa {

   package object scalqa {
     type Idx[+A] = Idx._Trait[A]                             // The name to be used

  package Idx {

    trait _Trait[+A] extends Any with Any.Collection[A] {     // Type definition
        // Methods

    object _Trait {

       implicit def zzLibrary[A](v: Idx[A]) = new _library(v) // Attaching library

    class _library[A] (val This: Idx[A]) extends AnyVal{      // Library definition
       // Methods