package Any

Package for base scala.Any type

Package Any is a natural extension of root functionality

All included types could logically be located in the root package, but moved to Any because of potential naming conflicts or to reduce root crowding

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  1. Any
  2. scala.AnyRef
  3. scala.Any
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  1. def isVoid(v: Any): Boolean

    Void check

    Void check

    This is the central way to check an instance for voidness

    Any is void only in following cases:

    • null is always void
    • String instance with 'length==0' is void
    • Array instance with 'length==0' is void
    • Short == 0 is void
    • Int == 0 is void
    • Long == 0 is void
    • Float == 0 is void
    • Double == 0 is void
    • Any instance implementing Any.Able.Void where 'isVoid==true' is void

    Note. There is a better way to run this method. isVoid shortcut is universally available on every Any instance through library

    (null: String).isVoid lp  // Prints: true
    "".isVoid lp              // Prints: true
    (\/ : Percent).isVoid lp  // Prints: true
    10.isVoid lp             // Prints: false
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AnyRef, Any
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