trait ~[+A]

~ is Value Stream

Note. Stream companion object is Val.~, but when called without prefix it is ~~ (double tilde).

Stream has just one method to be implemented, but it has large attached libraries for:

By Scalqa convention, method names, which return ~, are ended with '_~'

val s: ~[Char] = "ABCD".char_~

s.tp  // Prints ~(A, B, C, D)

Read more in the Guide.

class java.lang.Object
trait scala.Matchable
class Any


def read_?: Opt[A]

Read next option

Read next option

Optionally returns next element or empty option

If empty option is returned, the stream is considered exhasted and should be discarded

This is the only real method of stream interface, the rest of functionality is provided with extension methods for: